Businesses face many challenges in today’s fast paced world. Everything moves in an instant. The same holds true for business decisions and deals. Business professionals who want to make impressions and seal the deal are turning to private jet charters more frequently than ever before – for five good reasons.

1) Time is Money

It really is that simple. Flying by private jet charter saves you a great deal of time over traditional airline flights. Not the least of which is the time you will save from having to arrive at the airport three hours early just to take care of all the details of boarding. Two of those hours invariably involve waiting around until the appointed hour when you can finally board your flight. That is three hours of productivity lost for each and every flight.

Arriving to board your private jet charter is convenient.

Arriving to board your private jet charter is convenient.

The time saved does not end there, though. You also save time by avoiding unnecessary layovers and by flying directly to where you want to go. You have no need to fly to large cities and then drive to your actual destination.

2) Flexibility of Private Charters

Whether your next business trip is a last-minute decision or you are planning weeks or months in advance, you will never find the flexibility with commercial airlines that you receive with a private jet charter company.

Private jet charters provide you with the privacy to conduct business.

Private jet charters provide you with the privacy to conduct business.

You can make last-minute plans and even change your plans while in the air if it becomes necessary. When scheduling a private jet charter flight, you can even make plans to leave one destination, pick up team members at another destination, and then fly together to your journey’s end — while nailing down the details of your presentation.

3) Privacy to Conduct Business

Privacy is a huge reason for businesses to choose private jet charter flights. It is nearly impossible to conduct business on a commercial flight. There are too many ears nearby and too many distractions all around.

Private charter flights provide a quiet, comfortable place to work so that you can conduct your business without prying eyes becoming privy to the business at hand. The added benefit is that most business jets are equipped with all the tools you need to take care of business mid-flight, including wi-fi service, as well as comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate business travelers.

Enjoy the privacy and quiet to go over presentations on your private jet charter.

Enjoy the privacy and quiet to go over presentations on your private jet charter.

4) Access to Smaller Airports

Major airlines are limited as far as the areas in which they can travel. The airports must be big enough to accommodate larger aircraft while the destination must be popular enough to warrant routine flight services. This means that many smaller towns or less popular destinations throughout the U.S. and around the world are underserved. You would need to make other arrangements in order to reach your destination.

Private charter jets, however, can be arranged to meet the requirements of the airport closest to your desired destination, including smaller, regional and local airports, so that you will not need to travel as far on the ground.

5) Project the Image of Success

Nothing says success better than the ability of a business to fly via private jet. Image is an important part of business and flying via private jet or flying potential clients or partners to you on a private jet charter sends the message that your business is highly successful.

Presidential Aviation is a leader in the luxury and business private jet charter industry. Call us today and let us arrange to help you take your business productivity and image to new heights by scheduling a private jet charter flight today. Then you can see for yourself the value that private jet travel has to offer your business.