Will this be your first time booking a private jet for your business trip? Do you have a few clients or business partners that you’re looking to impress with luxury travel? If so, then you need to learn about how to book private jet charters the right way.

In a lot of ways, booking a private jet is similar to booking seats on a commercial flight. That said, you need to focus on the service aspect a bit more.

See below for an in-depth guide on the several factors you should consider whenever you go to book a private jet.

1. Learn About the Company

First things first. For you to have the best experience possible, you need to book a private jet through a legitimate private jet charter business. This will ensure that you receive the best service possible.

Regardless of what special occasion you’re booking the private jet for, you want to make sure you and your VIPs will be treated with care. Chartering a private jet with a business you know little about can put that experience at risk.

For that reason, we advise that you learn all you can about the company behind the jet. Take some time to read online reviews, visit their website, ask for client references, or read customer testimonies on their website.

Online reviews can give you the most transparent look. If many different customers are raving about their service, it speaks to the consistency and high quality of their company’s customer support.

Do the previous clients seem happy with their flights? Do they make any comments about the service that they received? What occasion did they book a flight for? Did it meet expectations?

Asking these questions will ensure that you find a private jet charter service that puts its customers’ needs first.

2. Find the Perfect Cost

Let’s talk about the right mindset to have when renting a private jet charter. This is an investment for your business. Booking a private jet can offer both you and your business many more benefits than booking seats on a commercial flight.

It can increase the safety of your flight, boost your company’s brand image, grant you a more comfortable ride, decrease the time to board your flight, gives you maximum privacy, and so on.

For that reason, we implore you to focus on the high return on investment you’ll receive when booking a private jet charter. That said, you also have a business to run.

Start by creating a business budget. If you plan to make private jet charters your means of air travel from now, then consider creating a private jet budget. That way, you’ll always have some money set aside for business trips.

There are a few different factors that affect the cost of a private jet, such as:

  • The distance of your travels
  • Extra amenities and inflight services that you’re looking for
  • Fuel Costs
  • Type of aircraft & more

If you’re not sure what the cost might be for your trip, ask an expert! We’re happy to help you find a business trip private flight that matches your business budget.

3. Proximity to the Airport

Many businessmen and businesswomen place too much focus on the private jet charter experience without ever thinking about factors outside the flight.

Imagine the horror of booking your dream private jet flight for you and your VIPs, then realizing the airport is much further away than you’d anticipated. Now, you have to adjust your work schedule and daily agenda to meet the timeline, as will your guests. That’s less than ideal.

Make sure that you understand which airport the private jet charter flies out of and how far away that is. Getting to that airport might take longer due to the time of day, traffic flow, or unforeseen circumstances (such as a car wreck) that’s slowing down your ability to reach the airport on time. Always be prepared.

4. Find Your Preferred Trip

Another key factor in booking private jet charters is finding your preferred trip, that being one-way flights or round-trip flights. These affect the time and cost of your traveling.

One-way flights are generally higher priced. They require you to pay repositioning fees, which essentially means you’re covering the difference to return the plane to its home.

Round-trip flights offer you the fastest turnaround time, making them ideal for business trips that take place in less than a day. If your trip lasts a few days, there will be fees to cover the cost of having the jet on standby until you wish to return home.

5. The Number of Passengers

Always gather a headcount. Some people end up burned by their own guests because they don’t get commitments before booking a private jet charter, then paying for several empty seats.

Private jet charters can fit almost any headcount you have. Different types of aircraft can be used to get your VIPs wherever you need to go, regardless of the group size.

You just want to make sure the private jet charter service can serve your group size. Make sure amenities are offered to your number of guests to ensure a pleasant experience.

Book Private Jet Charters for Your Next Business Trip

Now that you have seen an in-depth list of factors to consider while you book private jet charters, be sure to use this information during your next trip.

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