Every year, more than 42 million people visit the city of Las Vegas for the vacation of a lifetime and it’s not hard to see why! Sin City or the City of Lights offers more fun, thrills, and glamour than most other destinations across America.

So why not embrace the extravagance of your trip by chartering a private jet to Vegas? These planes are no longer just reserved for Oprah, the Kardashians, or high-flying company executives! In fact, chartering your own jet has never been more simple.

Not sure if private charter flights are for you yet? You soon will be! Read on to find out five amazing benefits of organizing a private jet charter for your trip to Las Vegas.

1. Private Jets Let You Travel in Privacy

Before you start googling how much it costs to charter a plane, ask yourself ‘how much am I willing to pay for privacy?’ Unlike domestic travel, a trip in a private jet offers total privacy.

This means you’ll have peace and quiet to work or rest before you arrive for your big vacation. Or better still, why not start the party early by flying out with a couple of your friends and turning up the volume on your favorite tunes?

However you choose to spend your flight, you’ll be sure to look fresh on arrival. This is because each jet is equipped with private bathrooms and wardrobe spaces. There will be plenty of time to get yourself ready to hit the Vegas strip before you land!

2. You’ll Arrive at the Perfect Spot

A lot of people often ask how fast do jets fly, to find out if traveling in a private jet will save them time. However, there is more than one way that they can do this.

The last thing you want before or after a long-haul flight is an extra journey across town. This can really dampen the mood when you arrive and it may affect the entire scheduling of your trip if you have to build in extra travel time.

When you charter a private jet you will experience no such problem. You get to choose exactly where you fly to and from. This means that you can pick the airports that best suit your vacation.

So if you’ve booked a room at the Bellagio, for example, a flight to the Atlantic Aviation airport will have you at the hotel’s check-in desk in less than ten minutes!

3. Let the Luxury Begin

There’s a reason why private jets have been so popular for so long. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or a mix of the two you deserve the best, and private jets let you have it.

Each flight comes with its over private hospitality team who are entirely dedicated to making sure you have everything you need. Most flights even come with top-class dining service and a well-stocked bar to keep you fed and watered above the clouds.

When it comes to entertainment you’ll also have endless options. Each jet is equipped with onboard WiFi, games consoles, surround sound, and HD-ready TVs. All you need to do is lay back in the plush surroundings and make yourself at home!

4. You Can Take Your Furry Companions With You

Traveling with a pet on a domestic flight can be a lot of hassle. It involves additional fees and extra paperwork. You’ll also find that your choices of flights are more limited because not all airlines allow pets.

Fortunately, your pet can travel in style on a private jet. They’ll be allowed to roam the cabin freely, rather than being cooped up in travel cages. This makes for a much happier and healthier journey for your pet.

So if you’re planning to make a long trip with your pet or are relocating, then traveling in a private jet is your best option by far!

5. You’ll Get More Time to Explore Vegas

When you hire a private jet, your travel is expedited. This means that you’ll have significantly less time to spend at the airport before and after you fly. In fact, some flights will let you board by driving directly on and off the tarmac!

You also won’t have to wait around at check-in queues or in the baggage-claim halls. The expert flight team will load and unload everything you need directly from your plane into your car.

On top of all that, for most departures on a private jet, you only need to be there fifteen minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart!

This all means that you will get a lot more time to spend in Vegas on your vacation instead of losing time to travel. Once you arrive, you’ll be ready to get stuck straight in and you’ll be able to end your trip on a high.

This means you can allow yourself time for a leisurely breakfast at your hotel or treat yourself to a final dinner instead of eating airport food! However you choose to spend your time, getting a private jet means that can really make the most of your final day in Vegas.

Book Your Private Jet to Vegas Today

If you’re planning the trip of a lifetime then you need to book a private jet to Vegas as soon as possible. This takes luxury travel to a whole new level – you won’t regret it!

If you are planning to charter a jet and have more questions, such as how much is it to rent a private jet, visit our FAQs for all the answers!