You may believe that private jets are reserved for businesses to use as tax write-offs, but many families rely on private jets for many different reasons. The beauty of private aviation is that it is versatile enough to work in various circumstances and customizable to meet the needs of individuals and families alike.

These are 10 reasons families fly by private charter. Most families can relate to one or more of these scenarios.

Enjoy private family time when you book a private jet charter for your family vacation.

Enjoy private family time when you book a private jet charter for your family vacation.

1) Destination Events

This covers a lot of territories from beach weddings to Vegas bachelor’s or bachelorette parties and many events in between. Some use them for flying to family reunions while others consider them for once in a lifetime vacations in exotic locations.

2) College Tours

For families with juniors and seniors exploring colleges, private jet tours allow you plenty of privacy to discuss thoughts on various college programs and campuses along with room to spread out to go over brochures, applications, and more before moving on to the next college on your list.

Book a private jet charter for your bachelor party.

Book a private jet charter for your bachelor party.

3) Customized Onboard Entertainment

With Wi-Fi access, DVD players, televisions, and more on board, entertainment is never a problem on private planes. Everyone can do something different or you can all sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie together during your flight.

4) Easier Luggage Transportation

Items like strollers and golf clubs on the aircraft with you is a snap with private aviation. More importantly, you do not need to worry about lost or redirected luggage, both of which are common logistical nightmares when flying on commercial flights.

Private jet charters are popular for touring colleges.

Private jet charters are popular for touring colleges.

5) Specialized Catering

Commercial airlines have limited availability of food options and restrictions prevent many families from bringing meals on board for special needs, such as allergies or dietary restrictions. At the same time, it is difficult to control exposure to potential allergens for children who have peanut, or other serious, allergies on commercial airlines because there are so many other people aboard. On a private charter flight you have control over who is on the flight with you and what food is served.

6) Pets Can Come Along

They are not even limited to the cargo area when flying on private flights. Pets are family too and the ability to take them with the family when flying is really important to many families.

Bring your pet along on your private jet charter flight.

Bring your pet along on your private jet charter flight.

7) Family Vacations

No matter how big or small your family may be, there is a private jet that is the right size to meet your needs. The big news is that you can all sit together. You do not need to worry about people overhearing your conversations and you do not need to worry that your little ones are disturbing other passengers if they are cranky or bored.

8) Fewer Hassles

Commercial flights can be a real hassle. With or without TSA disruptions to the order of things, arriving early, going through security checkpoints, and keeping all your documentation in order while guiding the entire family through the airport can be harrowing. Private aviation provides you with a much calmer and more relaxed boarding protocol where the flight crew helps you out and parking is infinitely more convenient.

9) No Long Security Lines

Long security lines have become leading headlines across the country as TSA lines are causing people to miss flights or forcing planes to wait on people going through security. It has become a real black mark against the TSA and has resulted in many passengers taking to social media to air their grievances. Security is still stringent and effective, but involves a less time-consuming screening process.

10) Family Time in Flight

When you fly together on a private jet charter, you get to enjoy spending more time together during the flight. Unlike commercial airlines, private aviation flights allow a more relaxing environment to share the excitement of family travel, have important safety discussions, and simply enjoy spending time together.

Call Presidential Aviation to schedule a private jet charter for your next family event and see what a difference it makes.