When you think of business travel, do you immediately think of crowded airports, unexpected delays, and frustrating luggage restrictions? If so, you’re probably growing tired of the challenges and drawbacks of flying with commercial airlines.

When you have to travel for business, why not travel in style and comfort? Last year, private jet travel accounted for about half of business travel worldwide thanks to a 10% rise in popularity.

Today, we’re going to talk about the different private jet sizes that you can choose from. Chances are, there’s a private jet charter that suits your needs and your budget.

Read on to find out what jet size you should consider next time you rent a private jet. 


Turbo-prop jets are the smallest jets in our fleet and are perfect for this quick puddle-jumper trips you need to make throughout the week. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll travel at a maximum speed of between 224 and 400 miles per hour. Turbo-props fly at a lower altitude than jets, which means that turbo-props will be grounded in the face of severe weather. 

Turbo-prop jets can accommodate between six and nine passengers. Due to their small size and and the short trips they’re designed to complete, you might expect that turbo-prop jets don’t come with the full line of amenities. However, you will still enjoy amenities like a full galley, lavatory equipped with a shower, and on-flight WiFi. 

Turbo-prop jets also have a small cargo hold ranging from 32 to 71 cubic feet. For a small group, this is plenty of space for luggage, but it does limit your ability to transport large equipment.

Light Cabin Jets

Light cabin jets, like turbo-props, are designed for short trips and small groups. Our fleet of light cabin jets can accommodate a maximum of between six and eight passengers. Because light cabin jets travel at a maximum speed that is much higher than turbo-props, they can travel at higher altitudes, making it easier to navigate inclement weather.

Once again, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities. You can lead an in-flight meeting at the conference table, relax and watch DVDs, and keep all of your electronics charged with in-seat electric ports. 

Light cabin jets tend to have slightly larger cargo holds than turbo-props, falling into the range of around 60 to 80 cubic feet.

Mid Cabin Jets

Mid-size private jets start the line of private jets that most people imagine when they imagine private flights. Mid-size cabin jets can handle short-haul and medium-haul flights with ease. With cabin heights nearing six feet, some guests will enjoy full standing room.

Mid cabin jets vary when it comes to the maximum number of passengers that they can accommodate. While some still fall in the range of eight passengers, others can hold as many as 16.

You’re also potentially looking at more luggage space, with some mid-size private jets offering 80 cubic feet in the cargo hold. 

Super Mid Cabin Jets

The super mid cabin fleet bears many similarities to the mid cabin fleet. As the name suggests, however, you’ll gain access to a bigger cabin, offering more space for passengers to stretch, relax, move about, and conduct business. That said, you don’t gain anything in the way of passenger maximums, with the largest super mid cabin accommodating a maximum of 14 passengers.

Because super mid cabin jets are easier to move around in, they’re often reserved for medium-haul to long-haul flights. While on board, passengers will enjoy the full line of amenities, including fully plated meals served on tables right at your seat. 

All cargo holds are over 100 cubic feet. This makes it much easier to transport important equipment or products in addition to your personal luggage.

Large Cabin Jets

There are an estimated 500 million business trips within the US per year. What about trips that require you to go overseas?

Large cabin jets are capable of long-haul flights with few (or no) stops to refuel. If you’re looking at a long-haul flight, you’re going to want to consider a large cabin jet, which can accommodate as many as 19 passengers at a time. Cabin sizes are much more spacious, with a minimum height of six feet, making it easy to move about the cabin comfortably.

Once again, you’re looking at cargo holds with over 100 cubic feet of space for luggage. You will, of course, enjoy the full line of amenities that private jets can offer.

Ultra Long Range Jets

Ultra long range jets are, as you may expect, the biggest private jets in any fleet. These jets are the best-equipped for long range flights and can travel up to nearly 10,000 nautical miles without having to refuel. Seats recline generously, allowing you to sleep in comfort when your flight extends through the night.

Ultra long range jets can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers. Conference tables and other seating areas are typically placed behind partitions, making it easy to prepare for meetings or hold phone calls in relative privacy. Cargo holds get as large as 226 cubic feet, offering the maximum storage space for luggage and equipment.

Choose from Presidential’s Range of Private Jet Sizes

If you’re tired of dealing with commercial airlines and the hustle and bustle of your city’s airport, it’s time to start thinking about private jet charters. Travel in style and comfort by finding the best private jet sizes for your needs. At Presidential, we have everything from turbo-props to ultra long range jets in our fleet, offering something for everyone.

Ready to rent a private jet for your next trip? Do you want to learn more about private jet rental costs? Contact us and let us know what your flying needs are and we’ll be in touch right away.