When you think of a private jet, what do you think of?

Do you imagine huge dents in your wallet, with your anxiety over finances brimming during your flight despite its luxurious amenities?

Truth is, flying private isn’t reserved for the 1%. It actually has many benefits that more than compensate for the money you pay for it.

You might even save money with a private jet rental!

If this intrigues you, then it’s time to take a minute and learn more about what a private flight can do for you. Luxury and comfort don’t have to be so out-of-reach for you and your team.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll explain some of the many benefits of flying private for your business trips.

Better Productivity

While commercial flights are the norm, it’s difficult to get anything done on them. Even if you’re flying first-class, there are plenty of distractions that may make you anxious rather than sustain the clarity needed to answer important emails.

Not only that, but getting to the plane can make you lose valuable time and energy. Waiting at security, the gate, and bustling through airport occupants can take up time and energy you could have put into work.

But flying private allows you to remove all of that hassle. You won’t have to wait in line to step into the jet. There also won’t be any of the usual bustle outside or inside the plane.

After you’ve stepped onto the plane, it will also be easier to do work. There aren’t any added pressures to mind anyone else’s relaxation since everyone around you will most likely be working too. You’ll also have better internet access, which will only help you further along in your quest to work during your flight.

Financial Savings

As counterintuitive as it may sound, a private jet rental can be cheaper than a set of commercial plane tickets. Sure, a private jet for one or two people might put a heavy dent in their wallets.

But first, private charter flights have become more affordable over the years. In fact, they cost 30-50% less than before, which prices their tickets closer to ones for commercial flights.

Second, having multiple people onboard results in higher financial savings. Booking one private jet as opposed to buying commercial tickets for a team of ten makes this calculation a no-brainer. And with no leg flights, private jets are a prime choice when it comes to cost-efficiency.

All this, with the luxuries and convenience that a private jet will provide regardless of the flight’s purpose. If you’re looking to leave more room in your business’s travel budget, renting a private jet is a fantastic way to do so.

Privacy and Security

If there are any confidential matters you must attend to, the people around you won’t threaten that confidentiality. They might already know about the matters you are discussing or they might have all signed NDAs.

Either way, you probably don’t want to have strangers listening to your discussions, even if they won’t remember what’s said. You can also move to a different part of the plane for more privacy. Since there’s plenty of room to do so, you won’t have to struggle to find it. 

Comfort and Relaxation

Taking business calls and answering emails on your flight might be necessary. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be comfortable during your flight. Flying still takes a toll on the body, and the jet lag that could come afterward might only exacerbate this phenomenon.

A private jet business flight will also provide wonderful meals and entertainment. This way, you’ll enjoy your food while it also energizes you. The entertainment the flight provides will also give you a lot to remember, and even improve morale amongst your colleagues.

The staff, amenities, and in-flight furniture will also ensure that you have everything you need and that you have little more to ask for. All this can make your business trip very pleasant. You won’t be counting the minutes to get to your hotel, since the flight will let you rest as easily as you need to.

Faster Flight

If you understand the importance of taking crucial business meetings on your flight, then you also understand the importance of a quick flight. There’s a reason why you’re headed to another destination, and spending more hours in a flight than you need to might impede your team’s efforts to make the most of the trip.

This is true for a few reasons. First, the aforementioned jet lag could hinder your ability to carry out corporate matters effectively. You need to be well-rested and refreshed to be at your A-game.

You’ll also be likelier to rush to your next meeting, especially if it’s only a few hours after the flight. Customs, immigration, baggage, and all other related processes may make time even tighter, which can prevent your team from being as punctual as possible.

With private jets, there’s no reason to worry about connecting flights since they can get you from point A to point B. The jet in question won’t have to worry about any other passenger’s needs, which means that you don’t need to either.

Find a Private Jet for Your Next Business Trip!

For something as important as a business trip, it’s best to make sure that everyone onboard is taken well care of. That means ensuring that everyone is comfortable, energized, and ready for the destination that awaits them. With a private jet rental, you can do all this while leaving more room in your business trip budget!

At Presidential Aviation, we understand how important your corporate team’s commute is. That’s why we offer luxurious private jet experiences for anyone that needs one for their next business trip. So if you’re interested in giving yourself and your team the best and most affordable trip possible, get an instant charter quote today!