Airport Name ICAO City
Wilbur Wilbur
Gollehon Wilbur
Grand Coulee Dam Electric City
Rice Ranch Grand Coulee
7 Bays Davenport
Whiterik Field Fruitland
Coulee City Coulee City
Wilson Creek Wilson Creek
Davenport Davenport
Odessa Muni Odessa
Hanes Harrington
Kramer Ranch Harrington
Mansfield Mansfield
Zwainz Farms Reardan
Tree Heart Ranch Ritzville
Anderson Field Brewster
Tailskid Ranch Tum Tum
Humbert Ford
Magee Creek Aerodrome Rice
Ephrata Muni KEPH Ephrata
Grant County Intl KMWH Moses Lake

Looking to charter a private jet to or from Sheffels Ranch? Sheffels Ranch (42WA) is located in Washington. It has at least 1 runways 1,100 ft. length. Contact Presidential Aviation to rent a private jet to Sheffels Ranch.