Americans are returning to the skies. More than 1.9 million Americans passed through TSA checkpoints on September 23, 2021. That’s more than double the number from September 23, 2020. 

Yet travel safety is still not pristine. The COVID-19 pandemic is one thing you have to consider when you charter a private jet. 

What should you do in advance of your flight? When should you wear a mask? What do you have to do to stay safe after you land? 

Answer these questions and you can travel in luxury and without worry. Here is your quick guide.

Plan Your Flight 

Basic travel safety tips have not changed. You should find a good date to travel on.

You should never fly during inclement weather, and you should be careful when flying at night. Make sure you have a pilot with experience in flying in the dark. During long flights, they should switch duties with a co-pilot so they can rest. 

You should hire a charter service if you do not own a private jet of your own. You can ride on a friend’s jet, but you have less control over the crew and amenities. 

Buy travel insurance for yourself and your belongings. Read the terms of your insurance and see if they cover COVID-19 and natural disasters. It may cost you some money initially, but buying a complete package will help you in the long run. 

On the night before your flight, you should pack your bags and make a final confirmation for your flight. You should also find a means of getting to the airport. You can drive yourself, or you can arrange some form of transportation with your charter. 

If you are flying internationally, make sure your passport and visa are in order. You should inform the American consulate in the country you are flying to about your travel plans. 

Avoid Areas of Instability

The Department of State issues travel advisories for all countries. All international travelers should check the advisory for the country they are traveling to. 

The Department of State organizes its advisories into four levels. They advise against all travel to any countries at level 4. You can travel to countries at level 3, but you should go with a security service. 

Do not go to a warzone or an area with a high risk for terrorism. Try to arrange a teleconference if your company asks you to go to a dangerous area for business.

You should check the local news in the area you are traveling to. A security threat may emerge overnight, and you may be targeted by terrorists or thieves just for being American. Talk to a security professional about gestures you can take to mitigate your risk. 

Wear a Mask While Indoors

You should adopt conventional safety measures for COVID-19, even if you are taking private flights. You will need to go into an airport and you may need to interact with others inside. 

You should wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. It should fit snugly against your face while giving you room to move your lips and jaw. You should not have to readjust your mask frequently in order to remain comfortable. 

Keep the mask on while you are inside the airport. You can take it off if you go outside, including in a smoking area. 

You should try to keep your mask on while you are inside the plane. This is especially true if you are flying with other people.

But you may take your mask off on occasion, and you can keep it off if you are on your own. Planes filter the air so the chance of catching COVID-19 is limited. 

Disinfect Surfaces 

Employees will disinfect your plane before you come on board. But it may be a good idea to bring disinfectant substances of your own. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are all you need. 

Wipe off the surfaces on your armrests and tables. You should also clean the seatbelt you will be wearing during the flight. 

If you are concerned about the surfaces you are touching, you can wear disposable gloves. Make sure they fit around your wrists and do not impede your fingers. 

Eat and Drink Safely

You can eat and drink on an airplane during the pandemic. But you should try to limit the amount of time you will have your mask off. 

Cut your food into individual pieces with a fork and knife. Move your face toward your food and pull your mask down as you lift the food to your mouth. You can then put the mask on over your face while you chew. 

Lift your mask down again to drink from your beverage. Take a sip and then pull it back over your mouth. 

Eat and drink so you are not directly facing someone else. You can turn your seat or body so you are not across from a person with their mask off. 

Quarantine When It Is Necessary

Do not go on an airplane if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. You should not go if you have recently tested positive for it or been near someone with it. 

When you arrive, you may need to quarantine for a period of time. Some countries ask that international visitors quarantine for two weeks. You should also take tests to show that you are not currently sick. 

You must provide a negative test when you arrive back in the United States. You should take one before you leave and have a paper with your results on it. 

The Basics of Travel Safety in 2021

You have to be smart about travel safety. Look at the weather conditions before you pick a date to fly on. Find an experienced crew for yourself, especially for long or nighttime flights. 

Wear a mask whenever you are indoors. Disinfect the surfaces you touch and consider wearing gloves. 

But you can eat without a mask on inside your airplane. You can enjoy an international vacation, though you need a negative COVID test. 

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